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Glengarry Chemicals Ltd. is a Canadian owned company that was founded in 1987. We serve the Canadian market with quality chemical products.

We believe a successful water treatment program will save money by reducing energy, water and maintenance costs as well as extending overall equipment life. In the long run, the key to a healthier environment will hinge in part on our ability to reduce what we consume as individuals and organizations...

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You called yesterday to report a problem. Your water treatment contractor finally responded today ... only to say they can't send anyone out until next Tuesday. That's the bad news!

Delayed response times, long waits for on-site service, slow product deliveries and weak excuses are becoming commonplace. Such aggravations are due to recent mergers and acquisitions within the water treatment industry in Ontario.

But here's the good news! Glengarry Chemicals are fast, dependable, technically capable and experienced. We're flexible, we're competitive, and we want YOUR business. To keep it, we'll provide great service - on time, all of the time. That's our promise to you!

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